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Aquamarine Recreational Center (ARC) commonly known as AQUAMARINE was opened to all interested parties both in private and public on June 2018. It started with a vision and mission to be one of the industry innovators that can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

It is located at Banaybanay, Lipa City, Batangas along Brgy. Tampoy road. At first, Aquamarine kick-off its first event hall that can accommodate up to 1000 guests depending on the required setup and style of our clients. Its an event place with elegant spaces, high ceiling designs with stylish chandeliers and marvelous walls; acrylic stage equipped with high-end technology and audiovisual setups; airconditioned couple lounge and restrooms; spacious seating area for multi-purpose functions and welcoming lobby for everyone.

After a year, Aquamarine unfolded its very own SPORTS COMPLEX that can accommodate different sports festivities whether individuals, group or corporate such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. On the other side, which is very much adjacent to the sports complex is the KTV BAR with 6 modern style rooms and an event hall ideal for small gatherings, events, seminars and celebrations.

On year 2021, Aquamarine Hotel and Pavilion was born. This become the heart of Aquamarine. Inside this gem is, 20 rooms: 16 deluxe rooms and 4 suite rooms, 2 event halls, pool and a restaurant. This place was made with a mission to accommodate guest that will gather from afar and need time to relax and just have a get away from a busy life out of the city.

AQUAMARINE is still growing and pushing. In God’s guidance and abundant blessings, the company aims to soar up high and promises to be an exquisite venue for your milestone’s celebrations- weddings, debut, birthdays and kiddie parties, corporate events, meetings, seminars, conferences, concerts and other special occasions momentus for the rest of your life.